Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 15 Summer June 26

Well the big plan today was to clean the kitchen and it never happened! I kept waiting for the cleaning urge to strike me and it just never did! And of course, my family never gets the urge to clean! I did get caught up on all the laundry. That's worth something, right?

Mike went golfing early in the morning and I took Kenzie to her drawing class at 10:30. Oops. It started at 10? Really? We are signed up for the Friday afternoon class but rescheduled because of Kenz's art class. Oh well, she got a little bit of time anyway. The girls and I stopped by Sam's Club on the way home to do some grocery shopping and get gas.

In the evening we met Michelle and Rachel at Port St Lucie High School to see "The Sound of Music." I thought it was delightful. The girl playing Maria went to St Lucie West when I was first teaching there and I remember how well she could sing the National Anthem. Well she has improved even more and she was very very good. It was a really amazing production for a high school. They actually use kids from all over the county, so I guess they get to choose the best of the best, but it is still really amazing. Afterwords we went out for pie at Perkins, something we used to do as kids all the time. Yum, strawberry pie!!