Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 19 Summer June 30

If you have been following my posts you have probably been wondering what happened to my plan to clean a room each day. Well, it pretty much didn't happen. We managed to do four rooms. That's a partial success, right? After we decided to redo Becca's room, everything else kind of flew out the window. Life kind of happens like that, doesn't it?

Wednesday we left a little early for art class. We went to Tuesday Morning to return the comforter (I decided it was just too freaking heavy even though I love it), canisters (two were broken), and two chair cushions (not big enough). Then we stopped at Arby's to grab a bite before dropping Kenzie off. Then Becca and I went to JoAnn's to find some fabric for curtains and to Home Depot to look at paint chips. And then it was off to the FD's for a nice chat! Becca spent the night there so I headed back to Stuart on my own to get Kenz.

While driving back home I mentioned to Kenzie that the way I did Becca's room last time was that I sent her out with Mike for the day and I just did it! She had picked out the pink walls but nothing else was really gelling and she couldn't make up her mind! Of course, she was only five. Kenzie said we should just do that again. Send Becca away for a night or two and just surprise her with a new room. Crazy, but crazy enough to work! I had a good idea what Becca wanted having spent three days shopping, but she is just too picky! Or she picks things out that just don't go. Well, since Becca was already gone for at least one evening we decided to go for it. So Kenzie and I stopped by Home Depot and picked out the paint and we headed home. Surprise Mike! Guess what we are doing tonight???

It took an hour or so to clean out Becca's room and then we started to paint. Mike got two walls done and I got about half the trim painted. Not quite as far as I wanted, but a start. Wow. . . what did we get ourselves into??