Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 21 Summer July 2

Friday morning I gave up on the accent wall and Kenzie and I moved all of the furniture around to it's new spot. It started to look a little better and not like such a train wreck, but there was no way to get everything done before Becca came home at noon. Unfortunately I was in the shower when Becca was dropped off! Can you believe it???? But she ran into the bathroom to tell me she loved it! Whew.

Five minutes later Becca ran over to visit the neighbor and decided to stay there for the afternoon instead of running Kenzie to class in the next county.

I dropped Kenzie off at class and decided to come home because I was really sleepy. Becca and Kiera came back home in the late afternoon and then all three of us went to get Kenzie.

Kenzie really enjoyed her art class. It was admittedly a pain to take her and pick her up each day, but I think it was totally worth it. Plus it got Becca and I out of the house! We were probably much more active than we normally would be. Although the credit cards got a bigger work out than we did!

After we picked up Kenzie we went back to Home Depot to get new paint. Same color, same brand (because the Behr Premium Paint and Primer has worked so incredibly well for us in the past!) and then came home and ordered calzones from Cheech's. Yum. If you are not jealous, you should be.

Becca headed back to Kiera's to spend the night and I painted the stupid wall again. But this time the paint worked beautifully. It took two coats, but it looks great!