Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 17 Summer June 28

Oh no! I got totally behind! Yikes.

Well, I may have forgotten some of the details, but I will try to do my best remembering what we did each day.

Monday I remember as Target Day! Becca and I dropped McKenzie off at art class and Becca and I headed for Target. While we were there, we finally found some bedding that Becca and I both agreed that we liked and the horse was finally out of the gate! With bedding we finally had a color scheme, theme, etc for redoing her room. Becca has been living with the same colors for five years - hot pink and orange - and it was time for a change. But every time we have been in a store she either doesn't like anything or the things she has liked do not go together at all. Like really, not at all.

I'm sure we were not at Target until 5 but I'm having a hard time remembering what we did after that. Wait. I think we went to Michael's first, then Target? Yeah, I'm drawing a blank.

After we picked up McKenzie we went back to Plato's Closet so Kenzie could look around. She wound up picking out 2 tank tops and two pairs of jeans for $16! And I found a necklace and earrings for $6! And I talked to my dad for a bit.

Then we met Mike at a new Mexican restaurant in Palm City. Pretty good food and very friendly waitstaff. We'll probably head back there since it's not too far from home.

And that night I remember watching The Bachelorette. One week! One stinking week and I can't remember jack crap. Getting old sucks.