Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 18 Summer June 29

Tuesday I think we went to Tuesday Morning to return a few things but that might have been Wednesday. Okay, yeah I think that was Wednesday. So Tuesday? Hmmmm. . .

We must have taken Kenzie to class, then I think Becca and I went to Home Goods to look at some accessories for her room and to look for artwork. I think Becca found a silver box. Then I remember going to Kirkland, a place that just has artwork and accessories. It's really overwhelming but so cool. We found an art piece for Becca's room, black wrought iron tree type thing. Pictures may help. I'll work on that. And I found two pictures for my office. They are big, probably 30 X 30 each, beautifully framed, old maps. They go great with the wall color in there and with the carpet and they were only $35 each. Funny that two cheap pictures and a really cheap old carpet can make the room look like a million bucks!

I think Becca and I headed to Goodwill and the Salvation Army next and prety much struck out there. Oh yeah, I remembered more about Monday! I'll have to go back and fix that!