Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 14 Summer June 25

So today we planned on tackling the kitchen but we ditched the cleaning project and headed to the beach with friends. After all, what is summer for?

The girls and I headed out around 11 and stopped at Subway for lunch before pulling into Jensen Beach. It was already very warm, probably close to 90. The water was refreshing, but the surf was pretty rough, so I didn't stay in for long. Our beach umbrella broke last summer and I really need to get a new one if we are going to go to the beach very often. Thanks to my friends for providing me some shade! Otherwise, I wouldn't make it more than 10 minutes! It was fun visiting with Sophie, Claudia, Dawn, Kathy and Jen, my school peeps. The girls had fun, too and we didn't even get suburned this time!

We left at 1 to take Kenzie to her class (which is just down the road). Then Becca and I headed to the movie theater in Stuart. We were just in time to see Shrek 3D. We were the only ones in the whole theater which Becca thought was pretty cool. Cute movie, but two hours of 3D gave me a bit of a headache. I wonder what they will do when the movie goes to video? Will it just be normal or can you watch it on your TV in 3D? Just curious. . .

The movie was over at 3:15 so Becca and I had a bit of time to kill. We ended up dinking around at the Treasure Coast Hospice Thrift Store. I actually got a really cute purse there for $6. It looks brand new and it's a great summer look which I had been searching for. If I get really ambitious I'll snap a photo of it.

The girls and I picked up a pizza at Little Caesar's on the way home and spent the evening vegging out. Why is it that sunshine can take so much out of you?