Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 20 Summer July 1

Well, I remember updating my blog in the morning. Becca was gone at the FDs and when I called she was happy to stay for an extra day. And I don't think she suspected a thing. Mid-morning Kenzie and I ran over to the MVs to borrow their carpet cleaner. We stayed to visit for a bit and it started to rain really hard, so no reason to leave until it was over. Kenzie and the girls were out in the rain and decided to just go with it since they were already wet. They had a great time jumping around on the trampoline in the rain. Wish I had gotten some pics! Shoot.

Kenzie and I stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a, not a place we usually go and now I remember why. :) They put pickles on my sandwich unbeknownst to me and I ate one. Bleck!!! Days later and I'm still trying to get the taste out of my mouth. I like cucumbers, I like vinegar, I hate pickles!!

While Kenzie was at class, I headed back to the FDs to give Becca some more clothes and I had a nice long visit with Michelle. I love her! She is such a great friend to me. Of course we work together, but we teach at opposite ends of the school and she lives about 30 minutes away, so we don't get to see eachother that much other than an odd dinner out here and there and we nearly always have the kids with us. (Sorry for the run-on!) Becca and Rachel were engrossed in the TV in the other room, so we actually got to visit.

After I picked up Kenz we went home and started working on Becca's room some more. By we, I mean Mike and I because Kenzie didn't so jack squat! Ironic, considering it was her idea!!! I say that in jest, but really I was very irritated with her.

Mike finished painting and I did the trim and then I started to paint the accent wall. The walls are lavendar, Orchid actually and the accent wall is a raspberry color. Well the raspberry paint was like painting with grape juice. It looked horrible! Even with two coats!! So I decided to see if I could paint it lavendar and maybe that would block the orange better and then I could paint the raspberry. So I painted two coats of lavendar to cover the bright orange and then a coat of grape juice, oh I mean raspberry. Nope. So six coats of paint and it still looked bad. Like really super bad. Crappy in fact. Ugh.

So frustrating.